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TimberTorch is wood-fired fun for everyone! Pump up your outdoor gathering with this portable bonfire center you can play music from and grill on (accessories sold separately). Thanks to a small fan inside, the TimberTorch produces a cleaner fire that's easy to start and easy to control.

  • Made in the USA, constructed of powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum
  • User-Controlled Fan
    • Added airflow from the IP67-rated waterproof fan improves combustion, therefore producing a cleaner burn than a traditional wood fire
    • Control fan speed and see your battery status from the mobile app or the control panel on the TimberTorch
    • A rechargeable and swappable 12 amp-hour lithium battery powers the fan and the fire pit, giving you 12-14 hours of average run time
  • Easily Portable
    • Two wheels and telescoping handles help you move it around by yourself
    • Toss it in the back of your vehicle to take it with you
    • Weight: 125 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 28" wide x 32" long x 17" tall
  • High-Quality Stereo System
    • Two IP65 marine-rated sound panels mounted underneath the TimberTorch get the party started (and keep it going!)
    • Each of the sound panels include two silk dome tweeters, two 4" speaker drivers, and a bass radiator to make sure your music sounds good no matter how many neighbors can hear it!
    • Play music through your preferred streaming service, or let your guests be the DJs
  • USB Charging Ports
    • Plug in your phone, or any other device, if you need a recharge from the TimberTorch's high-capacity battery
  • Turn It Into A Grill
    • With additional accessories, you can cook for the whole party over controlled heat for flavor that only comes from a wood fire
  • Download the TimberTorch App for Android and iOS
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Patent Pending