• Real memories are made around real fires.

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Real memories are made around real fires.

Real fire. Real portability.

The easiest way to bring your family together.

The greatest advancement in fire since, well, fire.

A portable, musical, wood-burning revolution. TimberTorch gives you a real, clean, crackling burn in seconds while streaming music from your phone and keeping your devices charged. Bring it wherever you want to bring people together.

Spark fire and conversations in seconds.

Make it grow, change color and play music.

Take it anywhere memories are made.

Fill every belly.

"I'm amazed at how little ash there was to clean up!"

Jake P.

"Coolest portable fire pit in the WORLD!"

Chad M.

"We were the only people with a fire at the campground in the rain. It's awesome!!!"

Jennifer C.

"The TimberTorch is fricken awesome! It kicks out heat. Lights on the bottom are cool, and it plays music. I mean what more can you ask for in a portable fire pit!"

Justin S.

"I want one of these so bad. It's going to be our evening entertainment when my husband retires. The streamed music sold me. Neighborhood gatherings with hot dogs and s’mores are on the horizon."

Sue S.

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